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What We Do

ITSMA is a member community that helps B2B marketing organizations advance their knowledge, skills, and impact.

Whether you need ideas, inspiration, validation, roadmaps, in-depth action plans, a teller of home truths, helping hands, a sympathetic ear, or a pat on the back, ITSMA is here for you. 

Everything we do is underpinned by research and experience in the field with the goal of providing practical, actionable advice and direction. Topics like Account Based Marketing, Sales Enablement, and Thought Leadership span the full scope of our offerings, including research, consulting, and training.  In others, like Buyer Personas or Storytelling, for example, we are rapidly expanding our offerings and continue to build on our well-established base of research.

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Member Research

At ITSMA, we research the subjects of greatest interest and concern to B2B marketing professionals, with guidance and input from our member organizations.  We identify best practices and emerging trends that are likely to impact our members.

Our objective is to provide fact-based insights. And to help members get the most from these insights, we have developed both a significant body of research as well as related consulting engagements and training programs.

Consulting & Custom Research

Sometimes published research alone doesn’t give you what you need. If you are trying get into the minds of your buyers, need a meaningful measure of brand value, or want to test new offer messaging, ITSMA delivers custom research projects designed to meet your needs.  Whatever the scale, from long-term, multi-phase engagements to short-turnaround, rapid response projects, we can work within your timelines and budget to get you what you need.

If you’re trying to apply a new approach (buyer personas, anyone?) or manage a major change (say, the move to measuring marketing performance metrics), ITSMA can support you with skilled experts and structured consulting engagements to get you where you need to be. We’ve done everything from deliver company-specific training courses to developing value propositions to placing interim executives in key roles. Let us know how much help you need and we’ll work with you to find just the right level of involvement.

Marketing Training & Professional Development

Whether you are a marketing leader trying to assess or expand the skill in your team or an individual marketer looking for your next career opportunities, ITSMA has something for you.  We have a wide range of skill and competency assessments as well as courses, workshops, and master classes in key subject areas, from Account Based Market to Storytelling and everything in between.

While some of our assessments are available only to teams, we run numerous public courses each year. We can also tailor the content of any course to meet the particular needs of your organization and deliver dedicated sessions.

Marketing Excellence Awards

Celebrating success is one of the surest ways to encourage more of it. So at ITSMA, we put a great deal of time and effort into evaluating the mountain of submissions we receive each year. We’re proud to have established a highly-regarded award program for practitioners, by practitioners.


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