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Marketing Training and Professional Development


As part of our ongoing commitment to education and skills development in B2B marketing, ITSMA has developed a range of marketing training and professional development offerings for marketing leaders and their teams as well as for individual marketers. These include Skill Assessments, ABM training and Certification, and Storytelling workshops and master classes.

ITSMA offers a combination of specially scheduled, in-house programs and assessments as well as public courses open to both ITSMA members and non-members.

Skill Assessments

Part of delivering business results and demonstrating return on marketing investment is ensuring you have the right team to do the job. That’s where ITSMA’s Skill Assessments come in. Developed in partnership with leading services marketers and learning specialists, these assessments provide a unique measure of the skills most essential to services marketing success.

“Every year I ask myself if I have the right team with the right capabilities and the right technology.”
Chris Goodman, CMO, KPMG

ITSMA offers several types of Skill Assessment:

Services Marketing Competency Assessment - Learn more

Based on the ITSMA Marketing Framework, the Services Marketing Competency Assessment measures core skills in seven critical areas of services marketing:

  • Strategy & Market Planning

  • Portfolio Management

  • Internal & External Communications

  • Client Loyalty Management

  • Marketing Operations

  • Sales Enablement

  • Alliance Management

At the core of the assessment is a web-based self-assessment that takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Individual team members receive personal and confidential evaluations of their skill sets so they can better understand their strengths and weaknesses and plan for further professional development. 

Member sponsors receive a report of aggregated team scores along with comprehensive benchmarks from other companies we’ve evaluated.

An annual Services Marketing Competency Assessment for up to 12 marketers comes as part of the ITSMA membership agreement. Assessments for larger teams can be arranged for an additional fee. 

ABM Competency Assessment - Learn more

Done well, Account Based Marketing (ABM) delivers the highest ROI of any B2B marketing tactic. But ABM also requires a broad range of skills and a high degree of planning and coordination. The areas covered in this skill assessment include:

  • Market and Account Intelligence

  • Account Relationships and Strategy

  • Tailored Value Propositions

  • Marketing and Communications

  • Cross Organizational Collaboration

  • Business Acumen

  • Leadership

ITSMA’s ABM Competency Assessment takes a three-step approach:

  • Define high performance using the ITSMA ABM Competency Model and identify the capabilities needed to achieve it both organizationally and functionally

  • Measure the existing level of competence at the individual, group and organizational level

  • Act to develop competence with training and professional development or recruiting

Sales Enablement Competency Assessment - Learn more

ITSMA takes a multi-phase approach to Sales Enablement Competency Assessments. Because Sales Enablement depends on effective communication between marketing and sales, the starting point is up to five interviews with sales and marketing executives. These interviews focus on current sales enablement practices, challenges, and aspirations.

The next phase is a web-based assessment of 30 marketing sales enablement performance metrics in 5 categories:

  • Sales Processes

  • Marketing and Sales Alignment

  • Sales Tools

  • Lead Generation

  • Collaborative Account Planning

With these inputs, ITSMA delivers you a report and a one to two hour presentation detailing:

  • Your company’s strengths and challenges

  • A comparison of your company’s sales enablement practices to those of its peers

  • ITSMA analysis and recommendations for your company’s sales enablement activities

  • Detailed results of the Assessment data

Solutions Marketing Competency Assessment - Learn more

Like the Services Marketing Assessment, the Solutions Marketing Competency Assessment is based on the ITSMA Marketing Framework. This assessment, however, focuses in much greater detail on 12 categories of marketing skills that fall under four headings:

  • Strategy & Market Planning

  • Portfolio Management

  • Marketing Communications

  • Relationship Management

Results of the extensive web-based self-assessments are reported confidentially to individual team members detailing their strengths and weaknesses as well as comparisons to the overall team and to peer companies. Member sponsors receive aggregate team results benchmarked against other services and solution companies.

Solutions Maturity Assessment - Learn more

The Solutions Maturity Assessment was designed to help companies gauge the state of their solutions practices and help identify areas for improvement. It is based on ITSMA’s Solutions Maturity Model, which details five levels of solutions maturity. The assessment explores five areas critical to solutions mastery:

  • Marketing

  • Portfolio Management

  • Organizational Design

  • Sales

  • Culture

 Within each category, we have identified specific factors that contribute to solutions success. The 25 questions in this assessment are formulated around these factors.

All members of ITSMA’s Solutions Council have access to the assessment to benchmark themselves against other members on the council. Council members may also license the assessment for use within their company to help identify areas of focus within a particular division or the company as a whole. The assessment can be customized for internal use adding language specific to your company and could be given to personnel from different parts of a solutions organization to flesh out disparate views.


Account Based Marketing Training & Certification

Account Based Marketing is a structured approach to developing and implementing highly customized sales and marketing campaigns for single accounts, prospects, or partnerships. By treating each client as a market of one, ABM helps to broaden and deepen relationships within key accounts, change perceptions, and ultimately increase business.

ITSMA offers customized programs along with two options for Account Based Marketing: a three-session online Introduction to ABM and a more extensive ABM Certification Program. Both courses are built around the ITSMA ABM Framework and Methodology.

Online Introduction to Account Based Marketing

The Introduction to ABM training program is designed for experienced marketing professionals who are ready to learn the principles of ITSMA’s proven ABM Methodology. At the end of the three sessions, you will have a good understanding of the value and benefits of ABM for their key accounts.

Program Details 

“This was a great program and the hands-on activities really helped to reinforce the content. It helped me to step outside of my typical ‘wide angle’ view and look at our solutions in terms of addressing the needs of a specific customer.”
—A recent program participant

Account Based Marketing Certification Program

ITSMA’s ABM Certification Program is designed both to train experienced marketing professionals and to support you as you design and implement your ABM plans. The Certification Program combines an intensive, two-day residential course with four months of mentorship, follow-up, and program work. The program culminates in a complete ABM campaign plan ready to be implemented.

“I will be able to immediately implement the tools and strategies that I learned from this program not just for account based marketing but in developing other business programs and marketing campaigns.”
—A recent program participant

This course offers new and innovative thinking about targeted marketing and will help you to:

  • Target your audience
  • Develop relevant marketing messages and campaigns that resonate with clients
  • Show clients the value you can bring to help them address specific business, financial, operational, and IT issues
  • Create and sustain deep and long-term relationships with executives in key accounts
  • Build client loyalty and intimacy
  • Enhance the value of marketing to sales and to the business

Program Details for North America   |   Program Details for Europe


Storytelling Workshops and Masterclasses

In the battle for attention, Storytelling is a critical tool for conveying key messages effectively and being heard above the noise. This is equally true whether you are communicating externally with clients and prospects or internally with sales, business units, or anyone else.

“The best stories take us on a journey that leaves us changed; as marketers, we must understand who the audience is, where they are now, and where we want to take them.”
—Colin Brown, Actor, Royal Shakespeare Company

At ITSMA, we feel so strongly about the importance of Storytelling to effective B2B marketing that we have developed both workshops and in-person masterclasses specifically designed to help marketers understand good Storytelling and how to apply it to all aspects of their work.