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For companies that want to create sustainable growth and profitability within their most important clients, Account Based Marketing provides a vital strategy.

Several years ago, ITSMA introduced the concept of Account Based Marketing in response to research that showed that neither buyers nor sellers of technology services and solutions were getting what they needed from each other. Buyers wanted their solution providers to offer insight to help them leverage IT to improve business results.  Providers don’t have enough knowledge of their business to help. In  response we developed a strategy to create a collaborative win-win for the buyer and the seller. That strategy is Account Based Marketing, which focuses on the client and their needs.

The ITSMA ABM Practice was formed to address these key issues.  To enable  marketers to work more closely with their sales teams to help build deeper and more relevant relationships with executives in top tier accounts which generate most of their revenue.  ABM is a platform upon which companies can broaden and deepen  relationships with key individuals, increase awareness and demand for their  solutions, and help them to gain superior financial results.

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