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Account Based Marketing


Account Based Marketing provides a vital strategy for companies that want to create sustainable growth and profitability within their most important client accounts. ABM focuses explicitly on individual client accounts and their needs. More importantly, it is a collaborative approach that engages sales, marketing, delivery, and key executives toward achieving the client’s business goals. All of these attributes contribute to the success of ABM in practice.

ABM delivers the highest Return on Investment of any B2B marketing strategy or tactic. Period.

ITSMA pioneered the concept of Account Based Marketing more than a decade ago and remains the recognized authority on the subject. We work directly with companies to develop and implement ABM programs, offer ABM training and certification programs (here’s what’s coming up), provide personalized coaching to ABM practitioners, and continually research the subject.

Developing and Implementing Account Based Marketing Plans

Good ABM operates like a microcosm of an entire marketing department. With this much complexity, planning and implementation make the difference between success and failure. ITSMA offers robust methodology, industry best practices, and long track record of successful implementations.  All of this helps ensure that our clients and members get the full benefits of Account Based Marketing.

Our extensive first-hand experience with ABM programs underpins our proven approach.  This includes the ITSMA ABM Framework, the ITSMA ABM Adoption Model, and an ABM Skills Competency Model.

ITSMA ABM Marketing Framework

Understanding and Mastering Account Based Marketing

Well-organized ABM programs enable marketers to work more closely with sales teams toward shared account objectives. Together, you can build deeper, more relevant relationships with executives in top tier accounts which generate the most revenue. The result? Stronger trust and higher account growth.

If you want background on ABM or insight into ABM trends and best practices, browse our Account Based Marketing research. To rate your skills in ABM, get an in-depth introduction, or benefit from the one-on-one support and coaching of our extensive ABM Certification Program, check out what ITSMA offers in Marketing Training and Professional Development.

Want to get more involved? Become part of ITSMA’s Account Based Marketing Council.

For more information on how ITSMA can help you with your ABM strategy, contact Jeff Sands, +1-781-862-8500, Ext. 111, or Bev Burgess, +44 (0) 7775 765722.