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Marketing Excellence Award Winners 2021

Winners were announced on October 13 during our virtual Awards Ceremony and the celebration for this year’s award winners will continue next week during our annual Marketing Vision conference.


B2B buyers in an uncertain world

ITSMA members gathered in-person this week to explore the findings from the latest Customer Buying IndexTM (CBX), and hear from special guest Parliamentary Digital Service's Tim Youngs.


Taking an old-school approach to new ABM Training

Guy Phillips joined ITSMA in April 2022 to head up the Learning and Development service. Before he came on board, he jotted down some notes about why he took the role...


Marketing Leadership Forum: 21 “Aha!” moments from B2B marketers

In just two short days, we heard from nearly 20 speakers who gave their takes on the hottest topics in growth strategies today.


12 takeaways from the ITSMA Marketing Leadership Forum

When a group of B2B marketing leaders from some of the world’s most influential companies gathered in Napa, CA, we explored some of the most important topics to marketers today.

marketing talent survey cover


The Impact of the Great Resignation on Hiring and Retaining B2B Marketing Talent

There’s a lot of interest in what’s happening in talent strategy right now. But how much of it is speculation and how much of it is science?

Marketing Leadership Forum 2022


Why the Marketing Leadership Forum is Special to Me

Why is the Marketing Leadership Forum so special to me? It’s a reset button, of sorts. Read further to hear Dave’s thoughts on why it's so special.


B2B Marketers See the Importance of Deepening Customer Relationships

Marketing’s priorities are more balanced across the three Rs now, with customer relationships coming in second and building brand, third.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go? Understanding Marketing Talent Trends in 2022

Marketing talent trends in 2022 - we’ve been talking with marketing leaders about what’s important to them as they build their teams.


Celebrate 25 Years of Marketing Excellence With Us

Remember the top marketing priorities in 1998? See how our awards program has evolved and adapted to changes in the services marketing industry.


How Kyndryl’s Marketing Organization is Driving Growth

The Kyndryl marketing team went from idea to a fully-formed organization that partners with a complex business to be a catalyst for growth.


How to Implement an ABM Program that Sizzles Rather than Fizzles

Standardization and centralized program management, are essential to developing an ABM program that will mature and consistently deliver results.


2022 Marketing Excellence Awards—Call for Entries: Honoring the Best in B2B Services and Solutions Marketing

Marketing Excellence Awards recognizes programs that demonstrate market insight, innovative marketing, and business impact with strategic B2B marketing.


2022: The Year of Marketing Enablement

At this year’s State of the Marketing Profession Address, we predicted that 2022 will be the year of Marketing Enablement. Here’s why.

Top 10


Top 10 B2B Marketing Content in 2021

Top 10: Marketing Content in 2021. What resonated most with members last year? ABM, executive engagement, and other strategic growth drivers.

2022 State of the marketing profession


State of the Marketing Profession: A 10-year Retrospective

To prepare for the 2022 State of the Marketing Profession, I decided to look back at the pressing issues in 2012 to see what’s changed.

Sales Enablement in a Hybrid World


Sales Enablement in a Hybrid World: Marketing’s Role

Alisha Lyndon, Founder & CEO, Momentum and Liz Harrison, Partner, McKinsey & Company, discuss B2B marketing as a strategic business driver, with specific emphasis on how sales enablement is evolving and where it's headed.

Sales enablement study cover 2022


What will Marketing’s Role in Sales Enablement be in 2022?

Three concrete ways B2B Marketers can help sales accelerate the pipeline and close deals according to ITSMA’s sales enablement survey.

Executive Engagement Tool


Measuring Executive Engagement: Taking a Strategic Approach

It can be a challenge to measure how deep a business relationship is. That’s why ITSMA developed the Measuring Executive Engagement Tool.


CMOs Weigh In: Where is Marketing Increasing its Value?

Where do you think marketing is increasing its value to the business? Three top marketing superstars share their thoughts.


Do’s and Don’ts for Building a Successful Strategic ABM Program

Do's and Don'ts of building a successful strategic ABM Program, based on results from the annual Account-Based Marketing benchmark study.

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