Alisha Lyndon

Founder & CEO


About Alisha Lyndon

Alisha Lyndon is Founder & CEO of Momentum and widely recognized as an ABM expert.  She has over 15 years enterprise technology sales & marketing experience and most importantly real-life ABM  experience with strategic ABM, ABM lite, Programmatic ABM and everything in-between.

Together with the Momentum team and in partnership with its clients, she has delivered the largest number of ABM programs around the world.  Alisha, who is refreshingly direct and has been referred to as the secret weapon in ABM, is known for scaling successful ABM programs without diluting their impact.

Alisha is fortunate to work with the best and the brightest enterprise marketers in the world.  Companies such as Oracle, Google, Fujitsu, and EMC have partnered with Alisha and her teams to get serious about ABM.

Alisha also led the most successful team in the 2015 B2B marketing’s awards, with a total of 10 finalist campaigns and picking up the winning trophy for ‘ABM campaign’ of the year.

Prior to her account-based marketing efforts, Alisha created, managed, and sold a successful marketing agency and held several marketing leadership roles at Microsoft and Opentext.  She has gained recognition for her drive and obsessive attitude, which also resonates throughout Momentum today.