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In Loving Memory of Lisa Hafer

April 21, 2020


Over the past few months, many of us have suffered sorrow and loss amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. At ITSMA, our loss cut deep last week with the passing of one of our own: Lisa Hafer, our amazing Member Engagement Manager. Lisa had been with us for over six years working tirelessly to support ITSMA’s member community, the last five years of which while battling cancer…twice. We all watched in awe as she didn’t skip a beat and remained courageous and inspirational.

As an integral part of our member engagement team—many of you received emails and other communications from Lisa; and at conferences, she gave you smiles and hugs. Lisa had a spirit that would not quit. Lovingly outspoken, she was adored by her colleagues and everyone around her. She had a deep commitment to family: her husband of 25 years, four sisters (she was the middle daughter), mother, and three sons whom she shared an almost fanatic affection for Boston sports—Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox, (no Bruins, as she was not a big hockey fan)—as well as March Madness.

Working with people was right where Lisa belonged, interacting with our members and clients in her caring, forthright style. She smiled easily and spoke her mind. You always knew where Lisa stood, and sometimes she helped you figure out where you should be standing, too. She had strong ideas, a broad smile, shining eyes, exuberant heart, and a never-say-never drive that would not subside.

She was a fighter—and stayed vigilantly positive and hopeful. She wanted to keep working and remained loyal to ITSMA and our membership until the end. She pressed on until she could press no more.

Lisa passed away on April 15. Frankly, we were not fully prepared given her motivation and resiliency—but now our hearts are hurting like everyone else who knew her. But we are also left with the lasting effect of having known such a force who inspired us all with her love and laughter.

Rest in peace, Lisa.

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