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Deliver Empathy: Humanize Everything you can and Embrace Continuous Change

April 13, 2020

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When we spoke with Scott Brinker, VP, Platform Ecosystem, HubSpot, to learn about his New Rules of Marketing Technology and Operations, Corona was something you added a lime wedge to, or the hazy border circling the sun, during an eclipse. Now, our days are a blur of shifting information, delivered through our devices, as we sit at home and wonder what’s next. But rather than drown your sorrows, we encourage you to read Brinker’s recommendations. His insightful concepts around marketing technology and operations are as relevant now as in the halcyon days when managing our tech stacks was a top priority.

According to Brinker, the magic of modern marketing technology and operations happens at the intersection of five core ideas: centralization, decentralization, automation, humanization, and continuous change. In our latest Viewpoint, Brinker, who is also Editor of and Program Chair of MarTech, discusses his five new rules for harnessing technology in a constantly changing environment:

  1. Centralize everything you can
  2. Automate everything you can
  3. Decentralize everything you can
  4. Humanize everything you can
  5. Embrace continuous change

Deliver Empathy

If you’re scratching your head wondering how you can centralize, decentralize, automate, and humanize everything, we were right there with you! In his literary way, the Bard of MarTech unpacks these seeming contradictions as follows: “F. Scott Fitzgerald said, ‘The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind and still retain the ability to function.’ In marketing technology, Brinker argues, “there are cases in which one begets the other. For instance, content marketing systems are inherently centralized systems…yet content management systems are usually implemented to empower a decentralized set of people across the company to contribute and leverage content.”

When explaining automating in conjunction with humanizing, Brinker explains that we automate to make things more efficient. The key question is for whom are we making things more efficient? Are our efforts aimed at the company or the customer? Ideally, both. And, he adds, “there are some instances when things can be inefficient for the company, but such a great experience for the customer that it may be worth it. These are the moments that build brand loyalty.” Finally, Brinker contends that, “marketers as the champions of customer experience, must empower the company to leverage marketing’s tools and data to solve the customer’s problem and deliver empathy.”

In today’s environment, any positive experiences we can provide our customers are worth it. Here’s to a time when Corona once again conjures images of tiki bars and palm trees, and we can revel in the ability to engage in animated discussions of seemingly contradictory ideas in person. Or, at the very least, listen to Mr. Brinker do it!

Learn from the complete distillation of Brinker’s New Rules of Marketing Technology and Operations, in ITSMA’s latest Viewpoint.


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