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For more than 25 years, ITSMA has led the way

For more than 25 years, ITSMA has led the way in defining, building, and inspiring B2B services marketing excellence. With a dedicated focus on services and solutions for the connected economy, we provide our member community with insight, advice, and hands-on help to strengthen reputation, increase revenue, and deepen customer relationships.

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When ITSMA began in the early 1990s, B2B services marketing was in its infancy. Technology marketing was all about the product; services were an after-thought and often given away. Systems integrators were just beginning to build their commercial business. Professional services firms relied on partners to make the sale. Companies were beginning to create dedicated groups for services marketing and there was a great need for education and research on principles and best practice.

I woke up in the middle of the night and thought 'what if we had an association specifically for services marketing people?

Dick Munn, founder, ITSMA

Working with Dick Munn, a services marketing pioneer from Xerox, the Ledgeway Group, and Dataquest (now Gartner), marketing leaders from IBM, HP, Digital, Novell, Tandem, and other firms put together a plan for ITSMA:

  • Research on services marketing principles and practices
  • Peer sharing through community and events
  • Professional development for individuals and teams
  • Advisory support for strategies and programs

When the founders gathered in early 1994 for an initial event on “services meets marketing,” the enthusiastic response was music to Munn’s ears: “I think this is going to be a great success.” By the end of 1994, more than 40 companies had enrolled, and ITSMA was up and running. Twenty-five years later, our industry and the very discipline of marketing have changed dramatically but our mission remains the same: Defining, building, and inspiring marketing excellence. Today, as digital transformation and the shift from product to service disrupts virtually every B2B enterprise, our community is more essential than ever.


ITSMA staff and associates around the world include expert marketers, analysts, consultants, and trainers with deep experience in strategic marketing for B2B services and solutions.


This is a unique forum to get together with a peer set in an informal, open environment to compare notes and have candid conversations. It's invaluable, what ITSMA provides.

– Malcolm Frank, President, Digital Business, Cognizant



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