The Marketing Strategist:

Where Is Your Team on the Marketing Transformation Journey?

June 16, 2017

B2B marketing leaders today are working hard to transform their organizations from the traditional brand and sales support role to one of true business leadership for the digital future. According to new ITSMA research, few of those leaders have yet achieved most of their goals with regard to marketing transformation. Based on interviews with 39 senior marketing executives at 36 companies across the globe, our study found a wide range of maturity levels along the transformation journey.

Figure 1. Marketing Transformation Maturity Among B2B Services and Solutions Providers

 Transformation Maturity chart

Not all marketing leaders currently have the same strategic focus for change. We see three general approaches:

  • Digital Marketing: Organizing to take full advantage of digital tools and channels to improve performance and impact
  • Digital Transformation: Changing the marketing works with agile and collaborative processes and tools
  • Marketing Transformation: Fundamentally reimagining marketing’s role and the ways it provides value to the business


Of course, digital marketing and digital transformation are pre-requisites for marketing transformation. Every marketing organization is on the same journey.

ITSMA has identified six areas for transformational change:

  • Role of marketing
  • Thought leadership and content
  • Sales relationship
  • Technology infrastructure
  • Data, analytics, and insight
  • Organization and culture

Interested in seeing where your organization stands on the transformation journey? Email me if you’re interested in conducting our ITSMA Marketing Transformation Maturity Assessment to find out.

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