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October 31, 2016

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As advisors on marketing, we’ve talked for years about the importance of focusing more on brand positioning and reputation than looks and logos, especially in the world of services and solutions. But visual identity certainly matters, and we’re excited to share our own new look and feel with you.

We’ve taken a long look at our role in the market, too, and our new site reflects a renewed commitment to our founding mission: Defining, building, and inspiring marketing excellence for B2B services and solutions.

A lot has changed in the 22 years since we founded ITSMA: the technology and services we’re selling, the way we deliver value, and the role of marketing in bringing solutions to market and engaging with customers. Today, technology infuses every B2B solution, the marketing toolbox has exploded with options, and we’re all becoming services marketers.

What hasn’t changed, though, is the importance of independent insight into marketing strategy, practice, and professional development, and the value of a peer community to explore what’s working, what’s new, and what’s next. 

In this context, we’ve refreshed our site not only to look great (as I hope you’ll agree!), but also to provide more useful and practical support for your own journey to marketing excellence and advancement.

Features of our new site include our Online Research Library, filled with essential data, examples, thought leadership, and tools; improved search and navigation; an updated guide to corporate membership benefits and options; and easy access to upcoming leadership and professional development events. Check out our Hot Topics pages, too; you’ll find highlights of research and hands-on services to help you address some of your most strategic concerns.

As B2B marketers continue to elevate and expand their roles in the business, ITSMA will continue to provide insight and support –promoting excellence as our members stretch their skills, develop new approaches, redefine customer engagement, and celebrate success.

We hope you’ll join us for the journey! As always, let me know what you think.


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President and CEO

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