Account-Based Marketing Grows Up: Structuring Your Organization for Success

ITSMA research highlights new thinking and practice for ABM organization models, team development, skills, and collaboration to drive growth with key accounts.

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ABM teams have matured enormously since the early days of simply embedding one or two marketers inside the sales teams for a few top accounts. As the discipline has grown up over the past two decades, program leaders have developed a wide range of organizational models to support diverse ABM strategies and approaches. Today, one of the biggest challenges facing CMOs and ABM leaders is how best to build and manage ABM teams that require an ever-evolving mix of functions, skills, tools, partners, and cross-organizational collaboration. Going agile is one clear direction for program leaders but that still begs as many questions as it answers. ITSMA's latest ABM research study digs into the latest thinking and practice in organizational development across the most mature ABM programs, and how they are shaping their teams to drive strategic growth with their most important accounts. Join ITSMA's Rob Leavitt and special guests Anna Klecha, Global Account Based Marketing Director, Capgemini, and Wendy Heller, ABM Global Program Office - Education & Skills Lead, IBM, to explore findings from the new research and learn more about critical organizational issues and challenges, including:
  • The role of ABM centers of excellence and program management offices
  • Staffing across global, regional, and different types of ABM programs
  • External partners and suppliers, such as agencies and technology providers
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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

11:00am - 12:00pm

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