ITSMA’s 2019 State of the Profession Address

Briefing on findings from ITSMA's 2019 Marketing Budgets and Trends Survey. Data from technology and B2B services firms. Advice to help marketing leaders.

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Services marketing budgets have grown over the past several years, but so too has the scope of marketing responsibilities and the pressure on marketing leaders to accelerate business results. As marketers move into 2019, it is more important than ever to prioritize what's working, scale back what's not, and pick up the pace of transformation for the digital future. Join ITSMA's Dave Munn and Julie Schwartz for an essential briefing on findings from ITSMA's 2019 Marketing Budgets and Trends Survey. With new benchmark data from top technology, communications, and B2B services firms, Dave and Julie will provide critical insight and recommendations to help marketing leaders and teams ensure maximum impact in the coming year. In particular, the briefing will explore such issues as:
  • Marketers’ strategic priorities for 2019 and how these have changed in recent years – last year, account-based marketing (ABM); digital and social media marketing; lead generation, management, and nurturing; brand/reputation management/differentiation; and sales and marketing alignment were among the Top 5!
  • Marketing budget growth and allocation changes
  • Marketing investment in essential areas such as account-based marketing, events, engagement & advocacy programs, and martech, among others
  • Improvements in marketing agility
  • How the balance of digital and offline marketing programs & campaigns are changing
  • Trends in advertising/paid media
  • Marketing skills in greatest demand
  • Among others
This webcast is complimentary for ITSMA member companies and $195 for non-members.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

11:00am - 12:00pm

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