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  • Competing with IBM: A Daunting Challenge, But Don't Despair

    Following the old wisdom about grabbing market share while times are tough, IBM has invested heavily in strengthening its position in professional services over the last few years. According to a recent ITSMA study of 400 buyers in nine vertical markets, the efforts have paid off big-time. Digging a little deeper into the data, however, provides evidence that all should not be doom and gloom for IBMs competitors.’

    by Rob Leavitt July 1, 2003 Read more
  • Grappling with Relevance

    Its bad enough that we’ve had to endure several years of economic malaise. Now we have to argue that IT is still even relevant? Marketers are now facing ever greater requirements to understand customers’ individual needs, tailor solutions to meet those needs, and jump through all hoops necessary to demonstrate the business value of those solutions.’

    by Rob Leavitt June 1, 2003 Read more
  • Subscription-Based Transformation: Four Keys to Selling Software as Service

    Momentum continues to build for the software-as-service model, with Fortune magazine, among others, recently citing this approach as one of the five biggest trends in technology. Some software firms have begun to gain traction with this approach, but many others are struggling with the difficult realities of successfully marketing, selling, and delivering subscription-based offers. To truly create the value that will make these programs sell into the mainstream, vendors need to do four things.

    by ITSMA Research May 1, 2003 Read more
  • Generating Growth in a No-Growth Environment: Highlights from ITSMAs Executive Roundtable'

    It wasnt all gloom and doom at ITSMA’s March 20 Executive Roundtable in Boston, but the senior marketers in attendance did acknowledge the continuing challenge of finding sources of near-term growth for services. Nevertheless, participants from companies such as BearingPoint, Brooks Automation, Dimension Data, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lucent, PTC, Spherion, Unisys, VFA, and Xerox suggested six types of initiatives that can contribute to growth right now.’

    by Rob Leavitt April 1, 2003 Read more
  • The Challenge of New Services Development: Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Gets It Right

    One of the greatest challenges in developing new services and solutions is that windows of opportunity close quickly in a copycat environment. Long a problem in products, the rapid appearance of “me-too” challengers is increasingly a problem with services and solutions as well. Cap Gemini Ernst & Young’s New Service Offer Launch Process provides a great example of creating an effective, systematic program to bring new global services offers quickly to market.

    by Rob Leavitt March 1, 2003 Read more

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