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  • Marketing’s Four Paths to Strategic Growth

    How should marketing balance its traditional tactical roles with new strategic responsibilities? The golden opportunity is for marketing to step up, influence others, and drive change. A subset of marketing leaders has done just that. These leaders have earned a voice (and a seat) at the boardroom table and are driving strategic growth for their organizations.

    by Julie Schwartz October 2, 2019 Read more
  • HP Inc. and ABM: Bringing “Cold, Dead, and Hostile” Accounts to Life

    Account-based marketing (ABM) not only helps organizations create seamless collaboration between sales and marketing, it can also serve as the centerpiece of a dedicated business strategy to capture new business and drive revenues from previously impenetrable accounts. HP Inc.’s success with ABM drove impressive revenue and earned new respect for marketing and ABM across the organization.

    by Julie Schwartz September 12, 2019 Read more
  • ABM

    The Case for Top Account ABM: Lessons from Red Hat, HCL Technologies, and SAP

    Strengthening relationships and collaborating more closely with top accounts is more important than ever. Not only do our top-tier existing accounts provide a disproportionate share of revenue (which we need to defend!), they are typically our primary partners in developing new solutions, providing valuable references, and giving us deep insight into fast-changing market trends and priorities.

    by Rob Leavitt August 13, 2019 Read more
  • To Make Marketing More Personal, Follow the Leaders

    B2B marketers report that the importance of personalization in their marketing will double over the next two years. Thirty-six percent (36%) told us that personalization is critical for their business today, but that percentage will rise to 78% two years from now. Why is personalization so important? Two reasons. First, buyers want and expect it. And second, personalization, when done right, delivers results. There are a variety of ways to personalize marketing.

    by Julie Schwartz July 10, 2019 Read more
  • Marketing Metrics: You’ve Come a Long Way!

    Modern marketers certainly have more technology at their disposal, but does this mean we are better able to use marketing metrics to improve performance and prove market’s impact on the business? What KPIs really matter? Have we made the shift from tracking vanity metrics to business outcomes? What challenges remain?

    by Julie Schwartz June 24, 2019 Read more
  • Introducing New ABM Measurement Framework and Dashboard

    We’re excited to reveal a new ABM measurement framework and dashboard developed in partnership with ABM specialists, Agent3. Tracking and reporting on the impact of their programs remains one of the top challenges facing ABM leaders, and this collaboration brings together the best of ITSMA’s research and insight with Agent3’s experience and technical capabilities to help meet that challenge.

    by Dave Munn June 20, 2019 Read more
  • Connecting with Executives: What Really Works?

    You want to start a conversation and build a relationship with an executive based on the value you know you can offer, not just sell your product or solution. B2B marketers have an ideal opportunity to get into the C-suite by offering some big thinking and innovative ideas. Senior executives need help as they grapple with the impact of the digital, connected economy on their business models. They are hunting out new ideas and looking for guidance to what can be a fundamental rethinking of their approach to market. Read on for five useful guidelines to follow to create marketing to engage the C-suite that is both personalized and personal.

    by Rob Leavitt June 12, 2019 Read more
  • What’s in Your Personalization Toolbox?

    In a recent ITSMA survey on B2B Marketing Personalization, we asked marketers what impact personalization has on their key business metrics and half or more reported that personalization outperforms marketing that is not personalized. Personalization has the strongest impact on client engagement and client relationships.

    by Julie Schwartz May 21, 2019 Read more
  • Mapping Marketing’s Strategic Journey

    ITSMA has been extensively charting the progress of marketing leaders as they continue to position themselves to play a more strategic role in transforming their organizations for the digital future. The latest contribution to that body of knowledge comes with research conducted for the forthcoming 2019 Marketing Leadership Forum in Napa on May 21 and 22. The research explores not only what marketing organizations are doing to play a more strategic role by bringing insight and innovation and contributing to greater revenue growth, but how they are doing this.

    by Julie Schwartz May 13, 2019 Read more
  • ABM Past, Present, and Future: TechConnectr Interview [Podcast]

    TechConnectr podcast interview with ITSMA’s Rob Leavitt on ABM’s past, present, and future; highlights include a look back at the early days of ABM, current best practices, and what’s next as companies move to blended ABM strategies and programs.

    by Rob Leavitt May 9, 2019 Read more
  • The London ABM Forum: Make Sure Your ABM is the Best it Can Be

    ITSMA’s ABM Forum, entitled Charting your ABM Journey: Your Blueprint for Success, will be held in London’s famous Royal Institute of British Architects, and will focus, appropriately enough, on ABM architecture: planning, designing, building, and scaling a successful program. Those attending will leave with a comprehensive understanding of the state of their ABM developments, whether they are at the very early stages or ready to move toward a more sophisticated level.

    by Bev Burgess April 26, 2019 Read more
  • Account-Based Marketing Certification: Setting up for Success

    As a graduate of ITSMA’s Account-Based marketing Certification and Mentoring Program, Kathryn McGinney, Sr. Manager, Account-Based Marketing for Splunk Inc., explains the impact that participating in the program has had on her day-to-day activities and career.

    by IT Services Marketing Association April 11, 2019 Read more

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