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Last Call for Participants: Survey on Insight-Led Marketing

August 30, 2016


The rise of big data has opened exciting new opportunities for marketers to create more targeted, personalized, and insight-led initiatives and campaigns. But not all companies have yet committed to the level of investment required to take full advantage. According to ITSMA’s 2016 Budget and Trends Survey, customer insight was the top priority for high growth companies yet ranked only 20th for all others.

What are the best practices for insight-led marketers? New ITSMA research is exploring the ways in which B2B marketers of high consideration services and solutions are using data and insights from customer and market data to inform decisions, influence strategies and tactics, and tailor campaigns.

Last Call for Participants

ITSMA will share highlights from the research during a series of briefings in October, but only survey participants will receive the full report with no charge. And there’s still time: Final deadline for participation is Friday, September 2, 2016. 

Click to take the survey today: Or forward to a more appropriate person at your company.

Insight-Led Marketing Briefings

Check out our upcoming lunch briefings in Dallas (Oct. 4), Santa Clara (Oct. 5), Bernardsville, NJ (Oct. 13), and London (Oct. 19), as well as web briefing (Oct. 18). 


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