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Selling in the C-Suite? Six Steps to Executive Engagement

May 1, 2017

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ITSMA Infographic on Engaging the C-suite

Reaching the C-suite is one of those perennial challenges for B2B marketing and sales. We know executive engagement is critical, especially in selling high value services and solutions. And we invest substantial resources in marketing programs, sales training, and day-to-day support to build credibility and connections with the senior executives at our clients and prospect accounts.

New ITSMA research highlights the growing importance of executive engagement in the connected economy (e.g., 92% say it’s more important to their selling strategy than two years ago), the wide range of marketing and sales initiatives that most firms are using to reach the C-suite, and the primary challenges they continue to face. (See our Marketing Priorities for Executive Engagement infographic for details.)

Most important, the research, based on survey data with 50 senior marketers from leading B2B technology and business services firms, highlights the six ways in which leaders in executive engagement stand apart from their peers, including:

  • Strategy and planning: Leaders are more than twice as likely as challengers to have a documented strategy for executive engagement across marketing and sales
  • Executive insight: Leaders track, analyze, report on, and share data on executive engagement across all marketing and sales initiatives
  • Content for conversation: Leaders prioritize thought leadership content focused on conversation and exploration of critical industry issues an trends
  • Training and support: Leaders are much more effective in providing support for salespeople to help them engage at the executive level
  • Collaborative innovation: Leaders prioritize collaborating with clients on thought leadership development and solution innovation
  • Measurement and review: Leaders measure executive satisfaction with their engagement programs and initiatives, not just sales and activity metrics

View or download our latest infographic, Six Steps to Engaging the C-Suite, and check out the full survey report, Engaging the C-Suite: 2017 Sales and Executive Engagement Survey Report, for detailed data and analysis.

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