Want to Engage with the C-suite? This Time it’s Personal!

  • Author(s) Julie Schwartz, Rob Leavitt
  • Published June 11, 2019
  • 15 Pages
  • Category Content & Communications, Engagement & Advocacy
  • Type Member Research
  • 15 Pages
  • .PDF Format

Connecting and engaging with the C-suite with marketing that is more personalized and personal at every stage of the relationship is now a business imperative for B2B marketers with technology-led business transformation, creating new opportunities as well as new challenges. 

With the increasing involvement of the company’s most senior executives in the buying process for big ticket IT services and solutions, it is imperative for marketers to reach them with personalized, credible content. Technology can help scale personalization, but there is no substitute for human interaction. 

This ITSMA Update, based on in-depth research with B2B marketing executives from top technology, communications, and business services companies, identifies five specific guidelines for successful personalization:

  1. Exploiting data and insights
  2. Sustaining focus on core themes
  3. Balancing online and offline marketing
  4. Designing content for personalization
  5. Building strong collaborative relationships.

The Update also points out that there are no magic bullets: executives engage with all types of content, in all channels and formats, throughout the purchase process. Getting it right calls for a deep understanding of individual buyers, creating that right mix of content and channels, and building strong relationships to encourage loyalty and advocacy. Where to start? Follow these five guidelines for a good launching point.


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