Transforming Marketing Talent, Organization, and Culture [Webcast]

  • Author(s) Julie Schwartz, Vincent Rousselet, Catherine Walker
  • Published June 2, 2018
  • 32 Pages
  • Category Marketing Operations
  • Type Member Research
  • 32 Pages
  • .PDF Format

Marketing transformation is much more than digital marketing or digital transformation; it is a fundamental reimagining of the way marketing engages and adds value to the business. ITSMA has identified six critical areas of change for B2B marketing transformation, which, taken together, paint a new vision for B2B marketing transformation.

This ITSMA webcast digs into the organizational aspects of marketing transformation: Talent, Organization, and Culture. Drawing upon new research with top B2B marketing executives, the webcast provides essential insight, examples, and potential next steps in each of these three critical areas, including:

  • The cultural attributes of a “transformed” marketing organization, and the levers that leaders can pull to accelerate culture change
  • New ways to think about organizational structure, and the new model that is beginning to emerge around networks of teams
  • The most important skills that marketing organizations need today (and tomorrow), and how best to develop them

The webcast is led by ITSMA’s Vincent Rousselet and Julie Schwartz, and includes a special discussion with Catherine Walker, Head of Group Enterprise Digital and Marketing Operations at Vodafone. The session also highlights ITSMA’s Marketing Transformation Maturity Model—a tool and framework to help marketing leaders manage and guide transformational change throughout their organizations.

This document is available at no charge to employees of an ITSMA member company. It’s also available for sale to non-members.
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