The Ascent of Marketing’s Role in Business-to-Business Services

  • Author(s) Charles Doyle
  • Published March 26, 2019
  • 17 Pages
  • Category Strategy & Planning
  • Type Member Research
  • 17 Pages
  • .PDF Format

Over the last decade, marketing has been transformed by advanced technology, including analytical tools that can access vast amounts of data, interactive, and multimedia applications. An even faster rate of transformation will follow, placing marketing at the epicenter of enterprise strategy. As technology enables the automation of tedious, routine marketing process, marketers will have the freedom to rise up to more exciting roles and strategic challenges.

The ascent of marketing has already begun. In this ITSMA Viewpoint, Charles Doyle charts the progress of marketing’s ascension: where the function is today and what the future holds—and ends with 10 recommendations to ensure that marketing organizations, and the marketers within them, can reach the summit.

ITSMA’s senior advisor, Charles Doyle, has had a storied career as a CMO, including divisional CMO of Accenture, global CMO and head of business development at Clifford Chance, the international law firm, and global CMO and head of research at JLL, the international commercial real estate company. With over 35 years in marketing, Charles has witnessed firsthand marketing’s transformation from a specialist support to a strategic business function.

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