A Step-by-Step Guide to ABM (and the Pitfalls to Avoid Along the Way)

  • Author(s) Bev Burgess
  • Published October 23, 2015
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The widespread adoption of ABM by some of the largest technology companies in the world (and ITSMA members) is a testament to its success. A recent ITSMA member survey revealed that 84% of marketers who measure ROI describe ABM as delivering higher returns than any other marketing approach. Half of those described it as delivering significantly higher returns. In any company that generates significant revenue from existing customers, ABM can be a powerful strategic initiative.

If you think ABM could work for you but you’re not sure how to get started, our step-by-step guide to ABM will help. Along the way, we’ll call out some of the pitfalls others have found in their ABM journeys. Learn from their mistakes, and you’ll save yourself time, money, and pain.

Key Takeaways

  • ABM delivers higher return on investment (ROI) than just about anything else, but it isn’t a quick fix. Measurable results generally take at least six months.
  • ABM is much more than bid support and can be designed to achieve a number of different objectives, most commonly account penetration and perception change.
  • Programs that are designed as business initiatives rather than marketing programs are far more likely to be successful.
  • Joint funding from marketing, sales, and account management reinforces the idea that ABM is a collaborative business initiative.
  • While effective ABM planning is essential, execution is a major determinant of success.
  • Many successful ABM pilots fail to scale because they don’t have appropriate resources to meet increased demand.
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