Services Marketing Metrics: A European Perspective

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Services Marketing Metrics: A European Perspective


Research Abstract

While the use of value measurement systems by European services marketers is at an early stage, there is growing interest in developing more effective systems. With growing pressure on marketing to demonstrate results, a systematic approach to marketing metrics is central to demonstrating the value and impact of marketing.
When linked to business goals and integrated into other enterprise systems, value measurement systems can provide a clear link between levels of marketing investment and business results. This ITSMA presentation looks at current practice in Europe with regard to marketing metrics and provides recommendations for future development.
ITSMA’s Bev Burgess, Professional Services Director in Europe, emphasizes four issues:

  • The importance of value measurement systems
  • What European marketers are measuring today
  • What information is reported – and how
  • How three companies developed a metrics approach

The presentation concludes with a review of ITSMA’s key conclusions and recommendations for companies to improve their own value measurement systems.