Scaling ABM: A New Approach at Fujitsu

  • Author(s) Bev Burgess, Nicole France
  • Published September 30, 2015
  • 12 Pages
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It’s no surprise that companies with successful forays into ABM are eager to scale their programs once they’ve demonstrated the potential. Successfully scaling ABM depends on a number of factors, not the least of which is recognizing that doing so is a risky endeavor. In the quest to successfully scale an ABM program, Fujitsu UK & Ireland has shown that judicious account selection, creative staffing, a shared toolkit, and a well-conceived program of training and support are critical to getting it right.  Fujitsu’s Andrea Clatworthy, who led the charge, grew a pilot program of three accounts to one that covered fifty-eight.

Key Takeaways

  • ABM is the natural marketing strategy to support a business focused on growing revenue in large accounts.
  • Selecting accounts should be a collaborative effort between marketing and the business units, one that evaluates both medium-term business opportunity and the ability of marketing and sales to work effectively together.
  • Good ABMers can come from anywhere in marketing. While having the right set of marketing skills is table stakes, attitude and enthusiasm for the job set good ABMers apart.
  • Training, communication, and toolkits are essential foundations to support scaling up an ABM program.
  • Sometimes less is more: Doing a more effective job on fewer ABM accounts is likely to generate better results.
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