The Rise of Marketing Influence–ITSMA’s 2019 State of the Profession Address [Webcast]

  • Author(s) Dave Munn, Julie Schwartz
  • Published January 23, 2019
  • 35 Pages
  • Category Strategy & Planning, Content & Communications, Engagement & Advocacy, Marketing Operations, Sales & Field Enablement
  • Type Member Research
  • 35 Pages
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As marketing continues on its transformation journey, we see that increasingly marketing is being recognized for its impact on revenue growth and value to the business. Marketing’s influence is on the rise and it’s more than influence on pipeline and revenue. Marketing is on the path to become a strategic growth driver, forging new relationships, collaborating across traditional silos, and helping their companies to become more customer centric.

ITSMA’s 2019 State of the Profession briefing provides critical data and insight on the rise of marketing influence as a leading trend for B2B marketers this year. The briefing, led by ITSMA’s Dave Munn and Julie Schwartz, highlights the growing investments that leading B2B marketers are making to play a more strategic role and contribute to growth. The data shows how the scope of B2B marketing responsibilities continues to expand with a greater role in strategy and execution, and as well as continued emphasis on strengthening relationships through engagement and advocacy.

In addition, the briefing provides a broader look at key findings from ITSMA’s 2019 Marketing Budgets and Trends Survey. Using the findings from the study, Dave and Julie explore such issues as:

  • Marketers’ strategic priorities for 2019 and how these have changed in recent years
  • Marketing budget growth and allocation changes
  • The gap between how marketers and senior management perceive marketing performance
  • The balance of digital and offline marketing tactics
  • The need to improve marketing agility
  • Continued focus on account-based marketing
  • Marketing skills in greatest demand

Along with data from our recent research, the briefing provides marketing leadership examples from companies including LTI, Vodafone, HCL, Microsoft, and Tata Communications.


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