The New Rules of Marketing Technology and Operations

  • Author(s) Julie Schwartz
  • Published March 3, 2020
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Managing the overwhelming technology landscape is challenging for marketers who are being asked to balance powerful, opposing forces—and simultaneously be successful on both ends of the spectrum. But, according to Scott Brinker, VP, Platform Ecosystem, HubSpot, the magic of modern marketing technology and operations happens at the intersection of five core ideas: centralization, decentralization, automation, humanization, and continuous change.

In this ITSMA Viewpoint, Brinker, who is also Editor of and Program Chair of MarTech, discusses his five new rules for harnessing technology in a constantly changing environment:

  1. Centralize everything you can
  2. Automate everything you can
  3. Decentralize everything you can
  4. Humanize everything you can
  5. Embrace continuous change 

Key takeaways include:

  • The new rules of marketing technology require that we keep potentially opposed ideas in mind at the same time:
    1. Centralization and decentralization; 2. Automation and humanization
  • The balance between centralization and decentralization is hard; recognize that it is not about control, but about empowering others.
  • A centralized marketing technology infrastructure has the potential to enable incredible distributed innovation.
  • As marketing technologists and operations leaders embrace automation opportunities, they must make sure to view them through the eyes of the customer.
  • Marketers, as the champions of customer experience, must empower the company to leverage marketing’s tools and data to solve the customer’s problem and deliver empathy and intuition.
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