Moving to ABM Maturity: ITSMA & ABM Leadership Alliance 2019 ABM Benchmark Study [Webcast]

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  • Author(s) Rob Leavitt, Peter Isaacson, Rachel Reynolds, Craig Rones, Evan Liang
  • Published December 6, 2019
  • 21 Pages
  • Category Engagement & Advocacy
  • Type Member Research
  • 21 Pages
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The rapid rise of ABM has transformed the B2B marketing landscape, and yet most companies are still early in their ABM journey. How should companies best expand their programs? What can we learn from ABM leaders? Looking ahead to 2020, how should we invest to optimize ABM impact?

Beginning in 2017, ITSMA and the ABM Leadership Alliance have provided essential data and insight on ABM strategies, practices, and results with annual benchmark studies of early stage and more mature programs.

This webcast explores key findings from our third annual benchmark study and provides strategic guidance and recommendations for 2020, including:

  • Top tactics and metrics for the three types of ABM – 1:1, 1:Few, and 1:Many
  • Critical program challenges
  • Tools and technologies in common usage, and what’s coming next
  • What more mature programs do differently than those in early development
  • Best practices for ABM leaders

Led by ITSMA’s Rob Leavitt, SVP, Consulting, the webcast highlights expert perspectives and lessons learned from Peter Isaacson, CMO, Demandbase; Rachel Reynolds, Director ABM, Flexential; Craig Rones, Vice President, Marketing, NTT DATA Services; and Evan Liang, Chief Executive Officer, LeanData.

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