Measuring and Promoting Client Satisfaction to Improve Business Results

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Measuring and Promoting Client Satisfaction to Improve Business Results


Research Abstract

In IT services, client satisfaction is a primary driver for brand image, service quality, repeat business, supplier selection, and positive word of mouth. In this context, demonstrating to clients and prospects alike that your organisation provides a measurable, and therefore proven, service, can serve as a key differentiator. Best practice marketing organisations therefore treat client satisfaction programs like any other critical communications effort where messages, means of communications, and target segments are clearly defined and creatively executed.
This ITSMA Europe Update presents a framework for effectively measuring and marketing client satisfaction. The framework outlines seven stages in successful program development:

  • Gaining internal buy-in
  • Setting objectives and scope
  • Designing a research approach
  • Conducting fieldwork
  • Analysing results
  • Making service improvements
  • Promoting client satisfaction to key audiences

Based on extensive industry-wide research as well as detailed insight from two European companies, Steria and Comunica, the Update provides a highly effective model for improving the impact of client satisfaction.