Marketing’s Progress and Purpose: A Look Back and Ahead

  • Author(s) Dave Munn
  • Published January 16, 2020
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To succeed in today’s connected economy, marketing leaders must understand transformational change and the role that marketing plays in the transformation of the business.

This tenet is at the core of this Viewpoint, Marketing’s Progress and Purpose: A Look Back and Ahead, that is based on a one-to-one conversation between ITSMA’s Dave Munn, President & CEO and Larry Weber, Author & CEO, Racepoint Global at our annual Marketing Vision conference in October, 2019. 

The Viewpoint highlights the evolution of B2B marketing over the past 25 years and what Larry sees as the three most important areas of marketing’s transformation: Data and analytics, visual storytelling, and marketing as an integrated discipline addressing issues across the enterprise beyond sales and HR.

Key takeaways include:

  • Over the last 25 years, marketing has morphed from a communications discipline to one that is focused on customer engagement and creating experiences
  • We are now in the midst of a new technology wave, the marriage of technology and humanity, in which every company needs an authentic, moral strategy
  • Thought leadership and visual storytelling are increasingly important to show, not tell, a company’s strategy and differentiation
  • Data and analytics have completely changed the marketing discipline, but should not be overly relied upon
  • The fundamental definition of marketing hasn’t changed; marketing is the influence of opinion through content and engagement
  • No matter what phase you are in your marketing career, remember that all power comes from your focus on the customer
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