How Japanese Executives Engage with Solution Providers

  • Author(s) Julie Schwartz
  • Published April 7, 2020
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Amid today’s ongoing market disruption, customers are looking for new sources of advice and guidance on the transformation issues that dominate the business landscape. But who can they trust when it comes to purchasing decisions? 

ITSMA has conducted extensive research on buyer behavior among B2B marketers in North America and Europe for several years, but has recently done the same for Japanese executives—and we’ve discovered that although there are many shared behaviors among these peers, there are some interesting differences.

ITSMA’s new report, How Japanese Executives Engage with Solution Providers, highlights four principles that B2B marketers can use to guide their efforts to broaden and deepen trusted relationships with senior-level buyers and influencers.

The study, based on online survey data from 101 senior business and IT executives, explores the types of content, events, and other activities that Japanese executives value most in their own search for useful guidance and support.

The data from Japanese executives was compared with survey data from more than 400 senior business and IT executives in Europe and North America.

Specific highlights from the study include:

  • The types of personalization required to connect
  • The continued importance of balancing online and offline engagement
  • The challenge of orchestrating engagement across multiple channels
  • The value of “engaging the innovators”

Study Methodology 

In Winter 2020, ITSMA conducted a web survey of 101 business and IT executives from companies that purchase technology or consulting solutions for individual contracts over $500,000. These respondents represented larger enterprises, with 75% having $1 billion USD or more in annual revenue.

Respondent Characteristics 


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