2007 How Customers Choose Solution Providers

  • Author(s) Julie Schwartz
  • Published November 2, 2007
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ITSMA’s 2007 How Customers Choose Solution Providers Study reveals insights into customer buying behavior that can help marketers fine-tune their strategies. Key issues addressed in the report include:
  • The selection criteria customers use for evaluating and selecting solutions and a solution provider
  • The steps customers take to identify solution-provider alternatives
  • The effectiveness of different marketing vehicles in getting customers’ attention
  • The value propositions most likely to entice customers to want to learn more about a vendor and solution
  • The solution-provider-sponsored programs that are most valuable to customers
  • The top three drivers of loyalty for customers

Study Highlights

  • Buyers’ number-one source of information is their professional colleagues and peers
  • Push marketing techniques can still be effective as long as the content is relevant to the buyer’s business
  • Buyers want solution providers who have available resources and a proven track record; a prior relationship is less important
  • Buyers are more willing to experiment with new providers and choose lower cost alternatives
  • High-touch, content-rich customer relationship programs, such as executive-level business events, user groups, and private briefings, are the most effective solution-provider-sponsored programs

Study Methodology

In spring 2007, ITSMA conducted 346 surveys, via phone and the Web, with business and IT executives at U.S.-based companies that purchase business and technology solutions, including consulting, systems implementation or integration, or outsourcing for contracts over $200,000. These respondents represented larger enterprises ($200 million to $20 billion or more in annual revenue) from five vertical markets:
  • Financial services
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Communications

Respondent Characteristics

Respondents were screened to ensure their involvement in the purchase of business and technology solutions. In addition, respondents were screened to ensure their job titles were director or above.

Figure 2.1 Respondent Role in Purchasing IT Professional Services

Figure 2.5 Respondent Title

Figure 2.4 Respondent Job Role

Figure 2.8 Respondent Industry Group

Figure 2.7 Organization Size by Annual Revenue or Operating Budget

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