Digital Reinvention and the New Customer Experience

  • Author(s) Donna Thach
  • Published March 31, 2017
  • 9 Pages
  • Category Engagement & Advocacy, Strategy & Planning
  • Type Member Research
  • 9 Pages
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To thrive in the new digital economy, according to Saul Berman, organizations must embrace digital reinvention—a holistic process that combines the right skills, experience, strategies, and insights. In this Viewpoint, Berman, Chief Strategist at IBM Global Business Services, discusses why B2B firms need to prioritize digital reinvention, how it starts with the customer experience, and ways to launch your digital reinvention journey.

Most important, Berman distinguishes between “digitizing what you do today” and “digital reinvention [as] a fundamental reimagining of how an organization operates and how it engages with its environment.” In the world where nearly every industry has been disrupted by entirely new kinds of digital organizations, reinvention is no longer an option.

In practice, Berman emphasizes the importance of orchestrating a holistic approach to reinvention: “Where most companies fail is that they do one or two things in a non-coordinated way… All aspects of reinvention must fit together like a puzzle. Investments made in one area will not be fully realized without investments in another.”

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