How Deloitte Upped Its Thought Leadership Game

  • Author(s) Julie Schwartz
  • Published June 1, 2018
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Today, virtually all B2B marketers prioritize content and invest in thought leadership to demonstrate expertise and connect with clients. But being a genuine thought leader goes beyond simply publishing content. For one thing, the glut of content means that quality is more important than ever. Even more important, activating and supporting the field to take advantage of new points of view with clients and prospects is essential to breaking through the noise with the people that matter most.

In 2011, Deloitte published more than 2,850 pieces of content in the United States alone. If the sheer volume was overwhelming for employees, it was positively bewildering for clients. There were gems amid the avalanche—individual articles and reports that could truly help companies solve their thorniest problems. Yet it was nearly impossible to find them. Deloitte needed a way to elevate its most important content and improve its impact.

This ITSMA Case Study describes the firm’s thought leadership journey over the last seven years, and details the approach the firm took to get the right content to the right audience through the right channels at the right time. Specific initiatives have included:

  • Shifting from broad coverage of industries and roles to a more focused approach on cross-industry topics with multi-year campaigns
  • Investing in more distinctive formats and delivery platforms
  • Investing in internal and external collaboration to enhance quality and credibility
  • Strengthening field activation
  • Emphasizing a 3 R’s approach to measurement: Reputation, Relationships, and Revenue

Within four years of launching the new effort, the firm moved from 18th to 1st in White Space Thought Leadership ranking by Source Global Research. And most recently, Deloitte has embarked on a new chapter in its effort to become the world’s leading source of distinctive business and management insight.


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