Capitalizing on Marketing’s New Tools and Technologies

  • Author(s) Nicole France, Kathy Macchi
  • Published April 14, 2015
  • 26 Pages
  • Category Marketing Operations
  • Type Member Research
  • 26 Pages
  • .PDF Format

Marketing technology tools have finally become part of the established tool set of B2B marketers, yet few organizations have realized the full business benefits these tools can deliver. One of the major challenges in getting the most out of marketing technologies is that it is a long process of implementation and adoption. It is also something that needs to be done in sequence: without a marketing automation system in place that is integrated with a CRM system, more sophisticated uses of marketing technology tools are impossible.

In this Briefing, ITSMA’s Nicole France is joined by ITSMA Senior Associate Kathy Macchi, an expert on marketing automation, demand generation, and other marketing technologies. The two discuss the findings from ITSMA’s recent online survey and in-depth interviews on how B2B marketers are doing when it comes to successful use of marketing technology.

Issues covered include:

  • Motivations for investing in marketing technology, today and in the near future
  • The number and types of technology tools in use
  • The types of technology-based capabilities respondent organizations are building
  • How well B2B marketing organizations are addressing the organizational and change management requirements to fully integrate these technologies into standard marketing practices
  • What frontrunners can show us about successful use of marketing technology in B2B marketing
  • The challenges that B2B marketing organizations face in getting the most out of marketing technology
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