How Buyers Choose: Highlights from ITSMA’s 2017 Buyer Research [Webcast]

  • Author(s) Julie Schwartz
  • Published November 14, 2017
  • 34 Pages
  • Category Content & Communications, Engagement & Advocacy, Hot Topics
  • Type Member Research
  • 34 Pages
  • .PDF Format

ITSMA’s annual B2B buyer research studies have brought to the fore a host of critical insights in recent years, including the changing landscape for customer engagement, new priorities for omnichannel marketing, the continuing value of direct SME engagement in the digital world, and the new “4 P’s” of content marketing.

This webcast provides highlights of our 2017 How Buyers Choose study, based on survey data from more than 400 senior-level buyers of high-value services and solutions from seven countries across multiple vertical industries, including manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, and more. The study explored buyer behavior throughout the entire customer lifecycle, including initial solution research, selecting short lists of providers to consider, making buying decisions, and gaining value after the sale.

The webcast explores data for the 4 P’s across the lifecycle: Personalization, Proactive, People Influenced (updated from Peer Influenced in 2016), and Proven, and includes insight, recommendations, and industry examples for each. Among other key issues, the webcast emphasizes the continuing importance of offline, “people-based” interactions and relationships, an omnichannel approach to thought leadership and content, and post-sale information preferences to ensure service and solution adoption and value.

This document is available at no charge to employees of an ITSMA member company. It’s also available for sale to non-members.
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