Building a Framework for Online Marketing Success

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Building a Framework for Online Marketing Success


Research Abstract

Online marketing should operate at the center of any successful services marketing program today. In practice, though, online marketing within IT services remains limited. Marketers often explain the limitations by citing resource constraints, but many organizations also suffer from narrow and piecemeal strategies.
Applying limited resources to virtually limitless possibilities represents a classic challenge of strategy and planning. This ITSMA Update presents four strategic guidelines to help marketers evaluate and refine their strategic objectives and priorities for online marketing:

  • Online goals: Creating a balanced approach to online marketing strategy
  • Online constituencies: Broadening online activities to engage all relevant stakeholders
  • Online relationships: Applying online tools to the entire relationship life cycle
  • Online processes: Developing online initiatives to support a comprehensive marketing function

Each guideline provides a different lens through which to evaluate existing and potential online marketing activities. Together, the four guidelines address most of the issues that marketers confront in creating an effective framework for online marketing strategy.