Auspex Systems, Inc.: Leveraging Corporate Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction to Create New Customers

  • Author(s) Richard Munn
  • Published March 1, 1995
  • 12 Pages
  • Category
  • Type Member Research
  • 12 Pages
  • .PDF Format
This early-stage company and special-niche player in the networking market, followed an unusual strategy for a high-tech start-up. Rather than relying solely on the impressive technology features of its first product, Auspex instituted a corporate policy focused on quality and customer satisfaction; the company then leveraged this policy substantially to gain early market acceptance. This policy is woven through the company’s corporate culture, and it has provided the foundation for a differentiating strategy based on service. This Best Practice Case Study traces some of the history as to how this strategy came into being as well as the marketing tactics Auspex employed to bring its compelling message to the marketplace. Note to Member: This Best Practice Case Study contains significant original collateral from Auspex.
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