The Marketing Strategist:

ITSMA Research Results: Personalizing Content on a Budget

June 8, 2010

Throughout the years, ITSMA has been telling marketers that personalized and relevant content is key to your success. Our How Customers Choose research continuously supports this claim. We’ve found that if a provider’s messages link the offers directly to a buyer’s business issues, buyers are much more likely to pay attention. Buyers are more likely to contract with providers that they feel truly understand their business and unique business issues. It looks like marketers agree. According to our recent lead generation survey conducted with RainToday, B2B services companies believe that personalized content is the most effective way to help generate leads. More specifically, it is content that is 100% focused on an individual prospect’s specific situation. But greater personalization requires more resources. One way to solve this issue is to create reusable content. Marketers should have two different types of content: core content and personalized content. Start with the core content, and then personalize it. For instance, the fundamental messages of a whitepaper or webinar can be used in many different situations. Personalize the core content by rewriting the top and bottom third of the whitepaper or adding a layer on top of the Webinar by bringing in an outside speaker. Marketers can get even more content leverage by segmenting their clients and prospects into groups that share similar situations. Then they can create relevant, seemingly personalized content for each segment.

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