Harsha Chachadi

Staff VP, Account-Based Marketing, FM Global


About Harsha Chachadi

Harsha Chachadi leads Account Based Marketing at FM Global. He joined the company in 2021 with a charter to pilot, prove, stand-up and run the ABM function and team. He manages a global team that identifies opportunities, develops strategies and executes 1:1 and 1:Few ABM campaigns to support retention, growth and profitability. In addition, the team is charged with introducing and scaling ABM principles and best practices to the company for all client experiences.

Harsha began his professional career in large commercial property insurance in India, and dafter over a decade and a half in the technology industry he has now come full circle at the world’s leading commercial property insurers. For the last six years at DXC Technology, he was focused on evolving DXC’s ABM capability to support their platinum accounts, design and deliver highly targeted pursuit marketing strategies for mega deals and manage global marketing programs.

He holds a master’s degree in management and a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering.