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New Directions for ABM: Collaborative Innovation and Critical Clusters

June 20, 2017

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New on-demand ITSMA webcasts highlight two important directions for marketers looking to maximize impact with their ABM programs for key accounts. 

Collaborative ABM: Innovating with Key Accounts to Drive Strategic Growth explores the benefits of investing in joint innovation programs with your most important accounts to accelerate the development of new solutions for the connected economy. Beyond the disproportionate share of revenue that most B2B companies generate from their top accounts, B2B leaders also typically rely on their key accounts for new thinking, testing of new solutions, and initial references when they enter new markets. The marketing challenge is to formalize this approach and create structured programs that use collaborative innovation as a way both to accelerate innovation and provide greater engagement, trust, and loyalty with key accounts.

This webcast highlights the value of a collaborative innovation approach, the mechanics of including it in your Strategic ABM program, and the success it has generated with companies including Accenture, Cisco, Deloitte, and Fujitsu. The webcast also features a special presentation by Jack Barrett, senior director of strategic marketing at Juniper Networks, on Juniper’s award-winning new service creation program.

ABM for Critical Clusters: Driving Growth with a One-to-Few Approach makes the case for developing customized marketing programs for small groups of key accounts with similar business challenges and initiatives.

It’s not an entirely new approach. Veteran ABM leaders from companies including Adobe, Microsoft, and SAP have developed one-to-few programs in recent years as a way to cover more accounts than their initial one-to-one approaches could handle.

For the most part, though, ABM programs still fall into one of two camps: Strategic ABM with a true one-to-one, highly customized approach for a small number of key accounts, and a much broader, technology-based, one-to-many approach with dozens, hundreds, or even a few thousand accounts.

This webcast explores the why, what, and how of a one-to-few approach that can help ABM-ers either extend coverage beyond their inevitably constrained one-to-one programs, or “move up” from a one-to-many program with a deeper dive, more customized approach for groups of your most important accounts.

The dramatic rise of account-based marketing in recent years has changed the marketing discussion from whether to invest in ABM to how best to maximize its value as a growth engine for the firm. Today, as marketing leaders look to extend ABM coverage across ever greater numbers of their target accounts, collaborative ABM and ABM for critical clusters can become essential pillars of a more sophisticated and segmented ABM strategy. 


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