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Sharpening Skills: ITSMA’s Services Marketing Competency Assessment

Marketing technology services is challenging. Services are intangible, hard to differentiate, and difficult to evaluate. Most other marketing skills assessments are designed with product marketing in mind; when you’re responsible for bringing services to market, you need to know that you and your team have the right skills for the job.

Developed in partnership with leading services marketers and learning specialists, ITSMA’s Services Marketing Competency Assessment provides a unique measure of the skills most essential to services marketing success. This Assessment is designed to help you, as a services marketing professional, plan your organizational and personal professional development.

As a primary benefit of corporate membership with ITSMA, the Assessment offers member companies the opportunity to evaluate the services marketing proficiency of up to 12 marketers at no charge beyond the annual membership fee.

Based on the ITSMA Marketing Framework, a comprehensive approach to client-centric marketing for services and solutions, the Web-based self-assessment takes no longer than 15 minutes to complete. It measures core skills in seven critical areas of services marketing:

  • Strategy & market planning
  • Portfolio management
  • Internal & external communications
  • Client loyalty¬† management
  • Marketing operations
  • Sales enablement
  • Alliance management

Benefits of the Assessment

  • Individual team members will receive personal and confidential evaluations of their skill-sets so that they can better understand their strengths and weaknesses and plan for continuing professional development.
  • Membership sponsors will receive a report of the aggregated scores of their team, along with comparative benchmarks from other services companies we’ve evaluated. This overview will help the entire organization shore up its professional development programs, make more informed hiring decisions, and fully leverage its competitive strengths.

By repeating the assessment every 12 months, you and your company will gain a valuable snapshot of how effectively you and your team are building your skills, and how you’re stacking up against other leaders in the field.

How to Schedule Your Company’s Assessment

All ITSMA member companies are entitled to this complimentary skills assessment for up to 12 marketers as part of their annual membership agreement. ITSMA can also make the assessment available to larger teams for a nominal additional fee.

For more information, or to schedule your company’s assessment, please contact your company’s account manager or Julie Schwartz at +1-781-862-8500, Ext. 112, or [email protected].




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