The journey to marketing excellence is fueled by community

Member Advantage

New types of routes to ways of working. When the only constant is change, you can't go it alone. You need a trusted community to benchmark performance, test new ideas, and gain fresh perspective.

Trusted community

Companies can select from three types of membership.


Ideal for smaller marketing organizations interested in the core benefits of membership: Access to the latest research and insight, support for annual strategy and planning, and participation in ITSMA events and community.


Ideal for organizations of all sizes; includes core membership benefits plus additional educational, advisory, and community support to help team leaders go wider and deeper in advancing marketing excellence.


Ideal for the largest organizations and teams; includes all the benefits of Regional membership plus expanded access to educational and community activities.

Resources for marketing excellence

With every type of membership, marketing leaders and their teams gain access to a focused and proven set of resources to speed the journey to marketing excellence.


Unlimited access for your entire team to ITSMA’s extensive archive of studies, reports, and tools on marketing trends, best practices, frameworks, and benchmarks:

  • Ongoing coverage of key issues including account-based marketing, brand and reputation, customer success, thought leadership, marketing agility, and more
  • Annual marketing budget and trend data
  • Annual data on how buyers consume marketing information
  • Give-to-get benchmark surveys on essential marketing topics and trends


Member briefings provide an always-on program to help your team deepen knowledge in the areas that matter most. Members also take advantage of special rates on deep-dive training programs in areas such as account-based marketing and B2B marketing fundamentals.

ITSMA’s “B2B Marketing Essentials” online course provides a structured approach to strengthen team capabilities across a range of critical capabilities.


On-call experts to take a fresh look, dig into the details, evaluate priorities and tradeoffs, and assess gaps with your team.

Membership includes access to an annual strategy review, deep dive Insight sessions, competency and maturity assessments in areas including ABM, services and solutions marketing, and thought leadership, and our renowned Ask ITSMA inquiry service.


Access to peers and industry leaders that have walked in your shoes, tackled the same challenges, made the mistakes you’re trying to avoid.

In a rapidly changing marketing environment, there is no substitute for a trusted community and membership provides exactly that. Step back from the daily grind and learn from your peers. Collaborate on new approaches. Test ideas and get feedback on your latest plans.

Want to go even deeper in key areas such as ABM or Thought Leadership? Consider joining our special member councils.

ITSMA was a major contributor to the growth & success of one of my marketing manager in helping her to grow her skills into a senior marketing director on my team.

– Paul Dunay, PwC

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