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ITSMA Launches Account Based Marketing Certification Program

October 18, 2012

Responding to demand from members and clients, ITSMA is launching the industry’s first certification program for marketers who want to learn how to implement an Account Based Marketing Program. Account Based Marketing (ABM), also known as key account marketing, is a targeted marketing approach that allows companies to broaden and strengthen their account relationships, bring greater business value to their key accounts, increase awareness and demand for their services and solutions, and ultimately sell more. ITSMA initially developed a custom ABM Certification Program for individual members. However, the program proved so successful and demand was so strong that we developed a version that we can offer to everyone. ITSMA’s three-month comprehensive ABM Certification Program will kick off with a two-day workshop at the Babson Executive Conference Center in Wellesley, MA, on December 6 and 7.* The program is designed for senior-level and experienced marketing professionals who want to learn how to:
  • Target strategic accounts
  • Develop relevant marketing messages and campaigns that resonate with clients
  • Show clients the value they can bring to help clients address specific business, financial, and IT issues
  • Create and sustain deep and long-term relationships with executives in key accounts
  • Build client loyalty and intimacy
  • Enhance the value of marketing to sales and the business
The program, based on ITSMA’s proven ABM Methodology, consists of real-world case studies, participation in marketing simulations, and networking with other senior-level marketers who are building their ABM practices. For more information on ITSMA’s Account Based Marketing Certification Program or to apply to the program, go to or contact Jeff Sands at *As an alternative to the three-month full certification program, ITSMA offers a three-session/three-week Webinar ABM Training program that provides an in-depth overview of the ITSMA ABM Methodology with practice exercises for each of the main activities involved in ABM. If you are interested in this Webinar program for you and others in your company, contact Jeff Sands at

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