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I’m an ABM-er! SAP’s Eric Martin

May 9, 2017

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The rise of account-based marketing in recent years has created a vital new career path for B2B marketers: becoming an ABM-er and driving growth with key accounts.

As young marketers charge into the ABM future, we’re celebrating the stories and advice of the “magnificent seven” leaders featured in A Practitioner’s Guide to Account-Based Marketing.

In this second excerpt from the book, learn from Eric Martin, Vice President, Customer Experience Marketing at SAP.

Eric Martin

My route into ABM

My background has been in B2B marketing, most of it in the enterprise software space, and quite a bit of it at SAP. Many of my roles have been working directly with the field. I was initially exposed to ABM over a decade ago when I was at Deloitte Consulting, when some of my colleagues were doing some robust ABM programmes targeting a very small number of accounts. I didn’t get to work directly on that project, but I attended a number of sessions with great interest and saw what they were doing.

In early 2015, I had an opportunity to take on the ABM programme office leader role at SAP North America. I had a predecessor who moved into a different role within SAP, and when I heard about the opening I jumped at it because I realized that ABM could have a significant impact on our business.

Advice for new ABM-ers

My first piece of advice applies both to those that are starting out and those that have been in the role quite a while. Read as much as you can on the topic from a wide range of sources. For the new person, this allows you to come up to speed quickly on the topic. For someone that has been in the role for quite a while, it can give you a fresh perspective, an outside perspective, that may give you some new ideas. The field is evolving so fast that everyone has to stay current.

Look outside to organizations like ITSMA as much as possible. There’s an awful lot that’s being published, plus regular webcasts and conferences on the topic of ABM these days. Of course, you need to consume that information with some critical thinking, and apply some account filters, so that you take only the parts that apply to your organization, and discard the rest.

I also have advice for a new ABM-er’s manager. Despite the fact that the beauty of ABM lies in the customization and the bespoke nature of what you do account by account, we as managers need to pull together templates, programmatic approaches, and shortcuts, so that they can quickly come up to speed on how we do ABM within our organization and what tools are available to them. This will help them see some early success and build their credibility within the role.

*This excerpt from A Practitioner’s Guide to Account-Based Marketing is reproduced by permission of Kogan Page Ltd. Copyright Bev Burgess and Dave Munn, 2017.


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