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I’m an ABM-er! DXC Technology’s Dorothea Gosling

July 10, 2017

  • Account-based marketing

The rise of account-based marketing in recent years has created a vital new career path for B2B marketers: becoming an ABM-er and driving growth with key accounts.

As young marketers charge into the ABM future, we’re celebrating the stories and advice of the “magnificent seven” leaders featured in A Practitioner’s Guide to Account-Based Marketing.

In this excerpt from the book, learn from Dorothea Gosling, Global Head, Pursuit Marketing & Demand Generation Programs at DXC Technologies (formerly CSC).

Dorothea Gosling

My Route into ABM

I didn’t plan on becoming “an ABM-er.” That said, maybe there was an early hint, since as part of my degree course I picked what was then called capital goods marketing as one of my majors, and the other was production management.

In the early 1990s, I moved into IT marketing in Germany, loving the fast pace and culture of the industry, and the value-add IT gives individuals and businesses. Four years later, I was running marketing in Northern Europe, Africa, India, and the Middle East for Micrografx. After a short stint of trying a version of “The Good Life,” I returned to IT, joining CSC’s European Financial Services (FS) Group.

Initially, I worked for the European FS Legal Counsel, then spent some time with a sales leader, helping build a key account program. From there, I returned to marketing, initially PR and analyst relations, then taking on roles in product marketing, as well as becoming webmaster for FS globally. I’m a generalist at heart, and ever so slightly geeky!

In early 2004, I wanted a greater challenge and faster career growth. Just a month later, that opportunity presented itself, as CSC was looking for a bilingual Marketing and Communications lead for a Swiss account we were hoping to win. IT services outsourcing and transformation communications were new to me, but I was fortunate enough to do the role for CSC’s Zurich Global Account for several years, working with and learning from amazing people in both CSC and Zurich, and becoming expert in seriously large pursuits.

In 2013, with CSC’s transformation, yet another opportunity presented itself: running CSC’s Global ABM Centre of Excellence. Today, we’re constantly enhancing and tuning our program in line with corporate strategy and market developments, and as ABM continues to evolve.

Advice for New ABM-ers

If the opportunity arises to become an ABM-er, grab it! It’s probably one of the best gigs in marketing right now. But don’t expect any silver bullets: It’s hard work and there are no shortcuts. Customer insight should be at the heart of your ABM program and you need to understand how sales operates and speak the same language to be effective. Finally, never stop learning!

*This excerpt from A Practitioner’s Guide to Account-Based Marketing is reproduced by permission of Kogan Page Ltd. Copyright Bev Burgess and Dave Munn, 2017.

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