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Special Report: How to Fit Social Media into Your Overall Marketing Strategy and Make It Stick

December 14, 2010

In the early days of social media, when twitter was still considered something birds did, companies would hire a young person with an IT background—or worse, use the summer intern—to write a few blog posts, create a Facebook fan page, or fool around in Second Life. B2B marketers saw no need to invest in channels that seemed pertinent only to consumer brands, so they felt safe in ignoring them. Those days are gone. Gone, too, are the days when a company’s social media team and strategy ran parallel to, but separate from, the overall marketing strategy. Now is the time for an integrated marketing strategy that includes social media. To transform marketing as a whole, B2B marketers need to view social media not as a collection of cool tools but as valuable channels within an integrated, relationship-focused strategy that goes beyond marketing to encompass the entire organization. But how? The answer is in ITSMA’s 2011 Special Report: “How to Fit Social Media into Your Overall Marketing Strategy and Make It Stick.” In this Special Report, based on ITSMA research and full of supporting case studies, Chris Koch, ITSMA Associate Vice President, Thought Leadership and Research, outlines the five steps B2B marketers must take to successfully integrate social media into their larger marketing strategies. The report gives details on how B2B marketers can:
  • Develop the business case for social media
  • Create cultural permission and engagement
  • Develop a social media participation plan
  • Create a content engine to fuel social media conversations
  • Set up formal governance
While this Special Report is based on in-depth interviews with services marketers at ITSMA member companies and on ITSMA-conducted quantitative surveys on social media use and services buying behavior, it is relevant to any B2B marketer—a social media “rock star,” a dabbler, or a neophyte. The time has come for B2B companies to start building the skills and making the broad cultural changes needed to make social media work. In the near future, social media marketing will no longer be considered separately from other forms of marketing; it will all simply become marketing. B2B marketers should begin planning for that day now. Find out more:

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