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Research Highlight: How Marketing’s Role Is Expanding

February 19, 2014

Marketing continues to be viewed more favorably by senior management, says ITSMA’s 2014 Budget and Trends Survey. Being viewed well means you come to mind immediately when there’s a new job to do, so it’s not surprising that over half of the respondents say that their scope of responsibilities has expanded. Marketing roles
But that expansion is a two-edged sword. Management’s hopes are pinned on marketing’s ability to expand and drive business growth, which means that marketing needs to operate on three fronts: the local and the global, support for sales, and strategy for senior management.
  • The local and the global. As offerings multiply and are sold in more markets, the need for offering- and country-specific marketing plans grows. At the same time, those specific plans must be integrated into a companywide story.
  • Support for sales. Sales needs both demand and lead generation. Demand generation creates awareness about your company and offers. It’s thought leadership, a presence at industry events, and speaking engagements for your subject matter experts. Lead generation is landing pages, visitor tracking, and feeding the marketing automation machine. And don’t forget key accounts, also known as Account Based Marketing (ABM), another area where marketing and sales are joined at the hip.
  • Strategy. Senior management’s respect leads to marketing being pulled into the planning cycle, business strategy, and product development.
While managing the local and the global and offering sales more support mean more work, the big payoff is that seat at the senior management table. How will you make the most of it?

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