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How Do You Calculate NPS? An ITSMA Tool

December 17, 2014

So what is this NPS thing? What is the big deal? Many services providers are using, or are at least familiar with, Net Promoter Score (NPS). But what if you are just getting started? How do you measure NPS and what do you do with it?

Simply put, NPS is a metric that gauges the likelihood that a customer will recommend your company to a friend or colleague. A few simple questions in a very short survey yield an accurate reflection of customer perception. NPS enables companies to improve the customer experience, increase loyalty, and ultimately drive growth.

New areas of responsibility

But this measurement is more than just a number. It is meant to be a discipline and part of an overall customer engagement program. What you do with the number and how you use it are far more important than the score itself. Use NPS to:

  • Understand which business practices create promoters and which create detractors
  • Identify and address any problems
  • Recognize promoters in key accounts and recruit them to be part of your customer reference or advocacy programs

ITSMA’s NPS Tool gives an overview of how to conduct NPS surveys, calculate NPS, and use the results as a catalyst for change to improve customer satisfaction. This tool also includes the only NPS benchmarks for large, global B2B technology service providers. ITSMA has conducted many customer loyalty and satisfaction studies with our members and is happy to be able to share the benchmarks. Disguised, of course.

To learn more about how to measure Net Promoter Score, check out our NPS Tool.

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