The Marketing Strategist:

ITSMA Featured Research: The Rise of Thought Leadership

February 8, 2010

ITSMA has declared 2010 the year of marketing transformation. One important transformation is the adoption of new processes, specifically the development of a stronger, more detailed content generation engine and dissemination strategy. Fortunately, ITSMA members agree. Not only is developing new and more targeted thought leadership one of their top priorities for 2010, but it is also becoming more important to their marketing strategy—with 77% of respondents reporting this for 2010. Plus, ITSMA members believe that thought leadership development is one of the top two most-effective marketing tactics to increase awareness and to generate leads. To be truly effective with its thought leadership, marketers must start to think like publishers, with a process for refining and presenting content through various vehicles (e.g., conference presentations, white papers, social media, etc.).

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