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Featured Research: The Next Stage of Marketing Transformation

January 13, 2011

In last year’s Budget Allocations and Trends survey, we saw that marketing budgets were at an all-time low—0.8% of revenue in 2009 and 0.9% of revenue forecasted for 2010—forcing marketing to rethink its strategy and transform itself. Throughout 2010, we explored the different ways that marketers should be transforming in light of constrained budgets, including: We found that marketers dealt with their limited resources in creative ways, and there were many successes in 2010, as reflected in this year’s crop of ITSMA Marketing Excellence Award winners. The question is: What will 2011 hold for marketers? Now that budgets are rebounding—albeit not to the level that they were before the recession—will marketing revert to its before-the-recession ways? How much will budgets bounce back? Will marketing continue to transform and progress as a leadership function? Next Stage of Marketing Transformation To find out where marketing is going, including highlights from ITSMA’s 2011 Marketing Budgets and Trends survey, join us for ITSMA’s State of the Marketing Profession Address online briefing on January 25 or January 27.

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