The Marketing Strategist:

Featured Research: Marketers Need to Make Cloud a Priority

October 5, 2010

There is so much pressure on marketers to perform that we tend to focus on the same priorities year after year, such as enabling the sales force. But it’s time to recognize a new priority—before it’s too late. In ITSMA’s Services Marketing Budgets and Benchmarks, only 19% of respondents saw the development of new strategies to exploit new delivery models and offerings—specifically cloud computing—as a marketing priority for 2010. With technology changing so quickly, companies must get on top of this trend and start making changes now. Make Cloud a Priority Cloud computing is changing how companies go to market. For example, there will likely be more partnerships among companies as cloud ecosystems develop. The cloud will also have a profound impact on how you deliver your products and services, what offerings you develop, what companies you partner with, who you compete with, and how you attract and retain customers. Marketers will be impacted as well, as they move more of their services and systems into the cloud.

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